Vishwa Dharma prakashena, Vishwa shanti pravartake

Meaning: To spread the message of Universal Dharma, to promote peace and harmony in the world

Guiding Principles to the Vision:


Meaning: The whole world is one family.

Ekam sat vipraahbahudhaavadanti

Meaning: Truth is one. The wise describe it in different ways.

SarvepiSukhinahSantu, sarvesantuniraamayaah

Meaning: Let everyone be happy. Let everyone be free from suffering.

Some Special Events

SanghShikshaVarg (Training Camp)

We have weeklong training camps for Swayamsevaks and Sevikas. These camps help to give the attendees confidence and skills required to conduct Shakha programs and provide leadership to the Hindu community.

Hindu Heritage Camp

Vacation time can be magical. That’s the time to explore, enjoy and make more friends. Hindu Heritage Camp of HSS has been a favorite event for children. Through yoga, games, arts and crafts, stories and skits, HHC brings out hidden talents among the kids and also helps children to understand their cultural roots in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Festival Celebrations

In addition to popular festivals like Diwali and Holi, shakhas celebrate six other festivals (Utsav) including MakarSankranti, VarshaPratipada (Hindu New Year), Hindu SangathanDiwas (coronation of Shivaji Maharaj), Guru Pooja, Raksha Bandhan, and VijayaDashmi (Dussera).

These festivals provide an opportunity to learn about our history, heritage, and culture. The festivals also help to bring the community together. Festivals also serve as an outreach to the community as well as provide opportunities to conduct service programs.


HSS shakhas in Texas mobilized hundreds of volunteers to assist and provide shelters across Texas during the Katrina disaster. HSS provides medical aid, in-kind donations of food and blankets, and even engaged evacuees in yoga and games to relieve the stress of their situation. In addition to this, on an ongoing basis, shakhas visit old-age homes, hospitals, and soup kitchens to impart a sense of service.