Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) is a voluntary, non-profit, social and cultural organization. Sangh, as the organization is popularly known, aims to organize the Hindu community in order to preserve, practice and promote Hindu ideals and values. HSS conducts structured programs of regular athletic and academic activities to develop strong character and leadership skills in its members (known as Swayamsevaks for men and Sevikas for women), emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (Sewa) for humanity. We encourage maintaining Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger community.

Sangh is inspired by the idea that the whole world is one family and conducts activities world-wide in order to spread this message widely. Sangh started in 1947outside India and today has centers (Shakhas) across 35 countries across the world.

H.S.S was previously known as BharatiyaSwayamsevakSangh (B.S.S.)

Shakha Activities

Each chapter of HSS is known as Shakha – a weekly program for the entire family. While the kids enjoy learning in the Balagokulam, youth and adults also participate in activities such as games, songs, discussions, and lectures on Hindu culture. We strongly emphasize the physical, intellectual and spiritual growth of each individual and also promote a sense of discipline.


In order to promote spiritual growth, a sense of unity with the environment and general well being, yoga is an important part of the Shakha program.


There are a variety of games, including kabaddi and kho-kho that are played in shakha. The games enhance our ability to work as a team, our stamina, our physical strength or even our strategic skills. These games bring about a spirit of cooperation and create a light, free atmosphere in Shakha.


Children’s program in the Shakha is called Balagokulam. In the Balagokulams, children learn about their Hindu heritage. They have fun playing games with the other kids. A strong emphasis is also laid on developing leadership qualities and becoming confident representatives of Hindu Dharma.

A well-structured syllabus for different age groups is used at the Balagokulams. In addition, a detailed teacher’s training guide has been prepared which can be used by adults that are interested in conducting Balagokulams in their local community.

Intellectual Activities

Bouddhik includes lectures, interactive workshops, discussions, songs(geet) and seminars which enhance intellectual development while helping to increase cultural awareness and improve communication skills.